Restorative Justice 4 Schools and Restorative Training Services are a Registered Training Provider with the Restorative Justice Council, and adheres to the RJC Trainers Code of Practice.
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Restorative Training Services are a group of experienced restorative approaches trainers specializing in bespoke training to a broad range of settings but especially Youth Offending, Prison, Probation, Police, Residential Care Setting and Fostering Services.

Restorative approaches aims to create positive solutions to harm, conflict or crime. It is believed that by bringing together those affected by harmful situations to look at what happened, who has been affected and how the harm can be repaired so that the needs of victims can be met. Often the lives of offenders can be changed in a positive way providing the offender with the motivation to change their lives and therefore reducing re-offending.

We are based in South East London our associate company Restorative Justice 4 Schools has extensive experience in working in British and European primary and secondary schools if you are interested in training for your school please visit them on www.restorativejustice4schools.co.uk.

Our Director Lynne Russell is a member of the Restorative Justice Consortium and is signed up to it's Training Code of Practice Register.

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