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Restorative Justice Conferencing aims to prepare and bring together those harmed by an act with the person(s) causing that harm. It is believed that when someone has been a victim of crime, bullying, harassment or any other type of harm they have needs that may not be met by the Criminal Justice System. Often they are not directly involved in the process that is meant to meet their needs. This excludes them from having their say, receiving an acknowledgement that what happen to them was wrong, seeing genuine remorse and being part of the solution that is designed to stop them becoming harmed again. Restorative Justice Conferencing puts victims at the centre of a solution focused process designed especially to meet the needs those harmed persons.

Restorative Approaches aim to build a frame work for organisations working within the community or the CYS. They aim to help those tasked with supporting, caring or managing others to enable them to develop the necessary social skills to build empathy, responsibility, truth telling, accountability and accepting consequences. It seeks to recognise that these skills are also vitally important within organisations themselves and that it is only by having fair, accountable and emotionally literate processes within organisations that they can hope to pass these ideals onto others.

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