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Restorative Training Services offer training, consultancy and conference facilitation within a broad range of settings but especially Youth Offending, Prison, Probation, Police, Residential Care Setting and Fostering Services.

Our range of training courses are designed to enable delegates to use a restorative solution focused approach to their work. We build the necessary skills to enable participants to use restorative justice conference facilitation and both formal and informal restorative approaches in their everyday role, creating a culture rich in emotional literacy and conflict resolution skills. Using a restorative approach will enable your staff to help those you support and care for develop positive social and communication skills so they are responsible, empathic, self regulators who are able to resolve conflict and repair harm caused.

Our director Lynne Russell comes from Education and the Youth Justice background. Lynne worked for many years for Victim Support and developed and implemented a Vulnerable and Intimidated Witness Service in London. Lynne RussellLynne then moved into youth justice and worked for a London Youth Offending Team as part of their restorative justice team, then to an education excellence cluster in Kent as a Restorative Justice Coordinator. It was her responsibility to help both secondary and primary schools implement and develop a restorative justice approach within an education setting. She is a qualified restorative justice conference facilitator and has worked as a trainer for many years. Lynne is the Director of Restorative Training Services and will be pleased to help you with any queries that you may have.

Jennie Fallarino - Jennie comes originally from a legal background where she has spent many years - she is a trained and experienced restorative justice conference facilitator who has supported vulnerable children in education for a number of years now. Jennie is also an experienced trainer that due to childcare issues supports Restorative Training Services as an Administration Officer and Associate Trainer.

Our associate company Restorative Justice 4 Schools has extensive experience in working in British and European primary and secondary schools if you are interested in training for your school please visit them on www.restorativejustice4schools.co.uk.

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